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By Pawan Mehta September 16, 2017 ERP 1 comment

Meetings with Customers are always interesting, specially when you are trying to convince them to opt for an ERP solution. Due to the advent of cloud ERP solutions, customers have many ERP solutions to choose from and also have the option to go to many service providers. Add to this mix, self-hosting v/s cloud hosting options with ERPNext and the recipe for confusion is complete :-)

Self-hosting may sound like a silver bullet that can meet all your needs but ERPNext on Frappe cloud has many advantages
  1. Auto updates in terms of technology & ERPNext features
  2. Data backups being taken regularly & reliably
  3. Security updates are regularly applied
  4. Reliable support from the ERPNext team

Some Customers are biased towards self-hosting as they think their data is more secure in their network than a cloud hosting environment. This is not true as the data center any cloud ERP would choose to host in would be always more secure and less vulnerable to hacking than small business run LANs that are connected to internet.

Another contention point for self-hosting is features not present currently in ERPNext. Most customers owning SMEs ask for features just because they have seen them somewhere & hence think it is important to have those. What they don't realize is that a simple ERP implementation is the best to start with initially. Other features can be built over time and requested or contributed via bounties and GitHub.

The choice in the end as always is left to the Customer and they can choose weather to be hosted on Cloud or live with the traditional mentality of keeping hosting ERP solutions in their own premises. Both approaches work but the cloud is definitely a long term bet.

Pawan Mehta

Pawan is an independent consultant who helps medium sized companies implement ERPNext and BI solutions. During his free time he likes to jog, play carrom and spend time with his family.

1 comment
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